Orbital magnetization and its effects in spin-chiral ferromagnetic kagomé lattice

Zhigang Wang, Ping Zhang
2007 Physical Review B  
Recently, Berry phase in the semiclassical dynamical of Bloch electrons has been found to make a correction to the phase-space density of states and a general multi-band formula for finite-temperature orbital magnetization has been given [Phys. Rev. Lett. 97, 026603 (2006)], where the orbital magnetization M consists of two parts, i.e., the conventional part M_c and the Berry-phase correction part M_Ω. Using this general formula, we theoretically investigate the orbital magnetization and its
more » ... ects on thermoelectric transport and magnetic susceptibility properties of the two-dimensional kagomé lattice with spin anisotropies included. The study in this paper is highly interesting by the occurrence of nonzero Chern number in the lattice. The spin chirality parameter ϕ (see text) results in profound effects on the orbital magnetization properties. It is found that the two parts in orbital magnetization opposite each other. In particular, we show that M_c and M_Ω yield the paramagnetic and diamagnetic responses, respectively. It is further shown that the orbital magnetization displays fully different behavior in the metallic and insulating regions, which is due to the different roles M_c and M_Ω play in these two regions. The anomalous Nernst conductivity is also calculated, which displays a peak-valley structure as a function of the electron Fermi energy.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.76.064406 fatcat:4algdfopovg2himceox2qghkai