Wi-fi based Multi-equipment Universal Remote Controller for Smart Homes

Sumaiya Salim, Vivek Deodeshmukh
2017 Communications on Applied Electronics  
Presently, we have diversified devices like TV, Set-top box, AC, DVD player etc. which creates confusion of choice of remote controllers (RC) to operate them. Naturally, these multiple RCs requires more number of batteries. With the evolution of electronic equipment's, the range of capabilities or performance has increased but at the same time, the buttons are also increasing on the RC. In addition to this, there is compulsion to have line of sight (LOS) communication in existing devices. To
more » ... ting devices. To resolve these problems, an Universal Remote Controller (URC) is schemed. This paper focusses at designing Wi-Fi based multidirectional universal RC single unit, that uses Wi-Fi and and internet of things (IOT). This Universal RC is Omni-directional in nature and can handle operations of many devices simultaneously. The prototype used is Air Conditioner (AC). We are able to handle each and every operation of all ACs simultaneously. We are linking the use of URC to IOT. We are creating the mobile phone application (app) that can be a simple chrome like Explorer in which HTML code has been written and buttons are generated through it which handles the functions of all AC's without the compulsion of being in the vicinity of those AC's. Thus there is no need of LOS communication between AC's and RCs. Practically, good communication was observed as 25m through walls and 40m in open space. This range can be increased by implanting different secondary units in each floor. All the operations can be handled by any smart phone available in the market. General Terms Multidirectional, Omni-directional et. al.
doi:10.5120/cae2017652672 fatcat:prf3ycdgnncixncqu4scecv6cq