Concept and empirical evaluation of a new curriculum to teach electricity with a focus on voltage

Jan-Philipp Burde, Thomas Wilhelm
2018 2017 Physics Education Research Conference Proceedings   unpublished
Effective reasoning about electric circuits requires a solid understanding of voltage and potential. However, most students fail to correctly analyze electric circuits as they tend to reason exclusively with current and resistance. To address these difficulties, a new curriculum based on the electron gas model was developed and empirically evaluated in a study with 790 students from Frankfurt, Germany. The study follows a pretest-posttest-control-group design and uses a recognized two-tier
more » ... ostic test instrument, which also allows evaluating common alternative conceptions. The results of the diagnostic assessment are very promising; students taught according to the new curriculum not only develop a significantly better conceptual understanding of voltage, but also show achievement gains of about twice that of their traditionally taught peers.
doi:10.1119/ fatcat:y5zsyh5c4jda3op6k2gs4tcm3i