Gonadal steroid regulation of mood: The lessons of premenstrual syndrome☆

2006 Frontiers in neuroendocrinology (Print)  
New models for menstrual cycle-related mood disorders provide unique opportunities to gain insight into the processing of emotional information and the regulation of mood state by reproductive steroids. This paper reviews the role of reproductive steroids in aVect regulation and in premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMD), parses PMD into component processes that suggest potential mediating neurocircuitry, and highlights the importance of and potential contributors to the diVerential sensitivity
more » ... at permits reproductive steroids to destabilize mood in some but not all women. Why would one imagine that gonadal steroids would regulate aVect? This question is the easiest to answer, for the neuroregulatory eVects of gonadal steroids are myriad, well known, and widely appreciated. Indeed, wherever one Wnds a system believed to play a role in the etiology or treatment of ଝ
doi:10.1016/j.yfrne.2006.02.003 pmid:16650465 fatcat:mgfbsh4o5rfnvma6wym763jyd4