The Recovery of the Historic Centres in the Metropolitan Area of Reggio Calabria through the Use of Bergamot

Daniele Campolo
2014 Advanced Engineering Forum  
The abuse of land is devastating our country: environmental disasters (landslides, floods, mudslides, etc.) are becoming more frequent because of the abandonment of agricultural lands and an inadequate care of the land, particularly in the inland areas. But Calabria, and the province of Reggio Calabria, in particular, has agricultural vocations that makes it unique in the Italian panorama and there could be development opportunities for the region, not only in the agriculture sector but also in
more » ... sector but also in the recovery of the historic centers with an innovative use of waste materials coming from the production of bergamot, or citrus, for the restoration of historic buildings and vernacular architecture. From a metropolitan city point of view, we must put an end to the soil consumption in favor of the recovery and the enhancement of endogenous resources, utilizing innovative techniques and innovative methods we can diversify the use of existing resources to make them more productive.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:tpph4xdyj5en7gj5tzcuvqjnxu