Implicit Learning of the Time Interval Sequence
Имплицитное запоминание последовательности временных интервалов

A.Y. Agafonov, A.D. Fomicheva, G. A. Starostin, A.P. Kryukova
2021 Èksperimentalʹnaâ Psihologiâ  
The article considers the studies performed in the «Sequence Learning» paradigm. A special case of this experimental approach is the method of temporal sequences memorization. The elements of such sequences are time intervals instead of stimulus or their spatial localization. The item of the conducted and described study was implicit learning of the time interval sequence. The goal of the experiment was to check the possibility of unconscious acquisition of the temporal sequences, not related
more » ... the sequences of another type of organization. To process the obtained results, mixed linear models were used. It was found that the learning of time interval sequences can occur regardless of the presence of regularity in the reaction order (motor sequence) and without rules in stimuli organization (structural sequence) or in the order of their localization (spatial sequence).
doi:10.17759/exppsy.2021140104 fatcat:zjuu5kueoffu3igbkuailoul3y