Alla A. Hrabenko, Yuriy N. Korobanov, Anatoliy I. Kuznetsov
2020 Collection of Scientific Publications NUS  
А. А. Грабенко, аспирант Ю. Н. Коробанов, докт. техн. наук А. И. Кузнецов, канд. техн. наук Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolaiv Национальный университет кораблестроения имени адмирала Макарова, г. Николаев Національний університет кораблебудування імені адмірала Макарова, м. Миколаїв Abstract. Purpose. The purpose of this article is overview of reliability, durability and viability of ship construction purposes, as well as their individual nodes, arises in connection
more » ... th a wide variety of types of vessels. For small vessels, taking into account their characteristics of interaction with the environment, if there is an excess durability resource compared to the planned life cycle, it becomes possible to simplify structures in the areas of possible stress concentrators. It is necessary to create the right tool for assessing the durability of structures. The rapprochement of the boundaries of the resource of durability of structures and the planned life cycle will lead to optimization of hull structures, simplification of structures and minimization of their mass. Method. The analysis is based on the results of experimental and theoretical studies obtained by different authors at different times. Particular attention is paid to the applicability of the analyzed studies to the features of operation of small and high-speed vessels. Results. It is established that the fatigue curves of typical joints and discontinuous bonds, effective coefficients of stress and strain concentration, distribution of permissible and dangerous stresses, and also their availability can serve as a basis for determining the expected resource of hull structures of small and high-speed vessels. Based on this research, it is possible to create an algorithm for assessing the durability of structures of small vessels. Scientific novelty. The question arises as to the ways of assessing the reliability and durability of ship structures of small and high-speed vessels. It is possible to create the correct algorithm for assessing the durability of the hull structures of the ships in question. Practical importance. The distribution of the Weibull law is widely used in problems of durability and reliability of hull structures, as well as in assessing their viability. It is assumed that the reliability, durability of small and high-speed vessels depends on the life-time of interrupted connections, some typical nodes of connection of individual structural elements, and also on the quality of technological processes. A correct assessment of the durability of the hull structures under consideration in comparison with the life cycle of the vessel can allow the simplification of the hull structures in the areas of intermittent communications, improving the performance of the designed vessel. Key words: durability of intermittent connections; connections of individual structural elements; Weibull distribution. Анотація. Мета. Робота має оглядовий характер, оскільки питання надійності, довговічності та життєздатності конструкцій суднового призначення, а також їх окремих вузлів виникає стосовно найрізноманітніших типів суден. Для малих суден з урахуванням їх особливостей взаємодії із зовнішнім середовищем, за наявності надлишкового ресурсу довговічності порівняно із запланованим життєвим циклом з'являється можли-
doi:10.15589/znp2020.1(479).1 fatcat:7omgo7kluves7epavfen3c5qzu