On the Construction of the Inclusion Boundary Neighbourhood for Markov Equivalence Classes of Bayesian Network Structures [article]

Vincent Auvray, Louis Wehenkel
2012 arXiv   pre-print
The problem of learning Markov equivalence classes of Bayesian network structures may be solved by searching for the maximum of a scoring metric in a space of these classes. This paper deals with the definition and analysis of one such search space. We use a theoretically motivated neighbourhood, the inclusion boundary, and represent equivalence classes by essential graphs. We show that this search space is connected and that the score of the neighbours can be evaluated incrementally. We devise
more » ... a practical way of building this neighbourhood for an essential graph that is purely graphical and does not explicitely refer to the underlying independences. We find that its size can be intractable, depending on the complexity of the essential graph of the equivalence class. The emphasis is put on the potential use of this space with greedy hill -climbing search
arXiv:1301.0553v1 fatcat:66alqtljyneg7czywbnzhm7u3q