A Difference Method of Extending Edge Based on the Mean Value Theorem and the Minimax Principle and Its Application

Zhongxiang Xiao, Chunguan Zhang, Jingguo Chen
2016 Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Sensor Network and Computer Engineering   unpublished
This research aims to analyze the effect of a difference method of extending edge based on the mean value theorem and the minimax principle and its applications. In this research, the theoretical model of the potential field was designed, and then the theoretical data was calculated. Besides, the data was processed by the difference method of extending edge and the ordinary Kriging method, and the differences were analyzed between the theoretical data and the results of extending edge.
more » ... ding edge. Moreover, the effect of this difference method of extending edge was discussed. Results show that the changes of the extending data by the difference method of extending edge is similar to that of the theoretical data, especially when the potential field value of the theoretical data block in the boundary is in a declining trend. The boundary effect is not obvious, indicating that the outward extending data based on the difference method of extending edge are quite reasonable, so that the extending data is suitable for the further processing and inversion.
doi:10.2991/icsnce-16.2016.14 fatcat:35rasorkqzc5nfci74dbnydtka