Undesired Teacher Behaviours According to the Studentship Memories of Prospective Teachers in Primary School

Hüseyin Polat
2015 Journal of Education and Training Studies  
The purpose of this study is to explore the types of undesired behaviours observed by prospective primary school teachers during their studentship at primary school. 35 voluntary prospective teachers studying at the faculty of education in Adıyaman University participated into the study, which was conducted within qualitative research techniques. According to their primary school memories of participants, teachers enacted mostly undesired behavioural patterns such as physical punishment,
more » ... g in other works in lessons, insulting, threating and certain patterns of discrimination. Except engaging irrelevant subjects in lessons, the other undesired behavioural patterns are associated with reactions to students' behaviours such as making noise, taking other students' things without permission, grabbing, thievery, disobeying the classroom rules, running and rushing in the classroom, lying, misbehaving and complaining about other classmates. Additionally, according to the results of the study, the undesired behaviours which the prospective teachers never want to practice, when they become teachers, are mostly such behaviours of their teachers in primary school.
doi:10.11114/jets.v3i6.1044 fatcat:yvswvzleyvcqxkvmlapu7la534