Genomic Structure and Promoter Activity of the Mouse Polysialic Acid Synthase (mST8Sia IV/PST) Gene

Shou Takashima, Yukiko Yoshida, Tae Kanematsu, Naoya Kojima, Shuichi Tsuji
1998 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
The mouse gene encoding ST8Sia IV/PST, one of two polysialic acid synthases, was isolated and characterized. The mST8Sia IV/PST gene was found to comprise over 60 kilobases and to be composed of five exons. Primer extension analysis revealed that transcription started from 333 nucleotides upstream of the translational initiation site. Transfection with nested deletion mutants of the 5-flanking region fused to the luciferase reporter gene revealed that the promoter activity of the ؊107/؉145
more » ... n was correlated with the gene expression of mST8Sia IV/PST in embryonal carcinoma P19 and neuroblastoma F11 cells. This proximal promoter region lacks an apparent TATA box but has putative binding sites for transcription factors Sp1 and NF-Y (CCAAT binding protein) at nucleotide positions ؊66/ ؊57 and ؊47/؊37, respectively. Individual deletions and mutations of the inverted Sp1 binding site or inverted NF-Y binding site caused significant reduction of the promoter activity, indicating that each binding site was involved in essential transcription control. Mobility shift assaying also revealed that Sp1 and NF-Y in a nuclear extract of P19 cells bind to the promoter region of the mST8Sia IV/PST gene. Deletion of the region from ؊60 to ؊40, which contains parts of both the Sp1 and NF-Y binding sites, completely abolished the promoter activity, suggesting that both Sp1 and NF-Y are synergetically involved in transcription regulation of the mST8Sia IV/PST gene in P19 and F11 cells. Although the overall structures of the two polysialic acid synthase genes (ST8Sia II/STX and IV/PST) are very similar, there is no extensive sequence homology between the 5-flanking regions of the ST8Sia II/STX and IV/PST genes, suggesting that these two genes are expressed under different regulatory systems.
doi:10.1074/jbc.273.13.7675 pmid:9516473 fatcat:yx5ajynpzngjzbvi5cdj5and6m