Bulk Superconductors in Mobile Application

F.N. Werfel, U. Floegel- Delor, R. Rothfeld, T. Riedel, D. Wippich, B. Goebel, P. Schirrmeister
2012 Physics Procedia  
We investigate and review concepts of multi -seeded REBCO bulk superconductors in mobile application. ATZ's compact HTS bulk magnets can trap routinely 1 T@77 K. Except of magnetization, flux creep and hysteresis, industrial -like properties as compactness, power density, and robustness are of major device interest if mobility and light-weight construction is in focus. For mobile application in levitated trains or demonstrator magnets we examine the performance of on-board cryogenics either by
more » ... N 2 or cryo-cooler application. The mechanical, electric and thermodynamical requirements of compact vacuum cryostats for Maglev train operation were studied systematically. More than 30 units are manufactured and tested. The attractive load to weight ratio is more than 10 and favours group module device constructions up to 5 t load on permanent magnet (PM) track. A transportable and compact YBCO bulk magnet cooled with in-situ 4 Watt Stirling cryo-cooler for 50 -80 K operation is investigated. Low cooling power and effective HTS cold mass drives the system construction to a minimum -thermal loss and lightweight design.
doi:10.1016/j.phpro.2012.06.235 fatcat:5b7deuou3zdfjegvin4mzaa6sm