International Journal of Expected Time to Recruitment for a Single Grade Manpower System with Different Epochs for Decisions and Exits

A Devi, A Srinivasan
2015 Intern. J. Fuzzy Mathematical Archive   unpublished
In this paper, the problem of time to recruitment is studied using a univariate max policy of recruitment for a single grade manpower system in which attrition takes places due to policy decisions. Assuming that the policy decisions and exits occur at different epochs, a stochastic model is constructed and the variance of the time to recruitment is obtained when the inter-exit times form an ordinary renewal process according as inter-policy decision times form an ordinary renewal process or a
more » ... ewal process or a sequence of exchangeable and constantly correlated exponential random variables or a geometric process or an order statistics. The analytical results in closed form are derived by assuming specific distribution for loss of manpower and the breakdown threshold. Keywords: Single grade manpower system, decision and exit epochs, geometric process, order statistics, correlated and exchangeable random variables, univariate max policy of recruitment and variance of time to recruitment