Measurement strategies for estimating long-term average wind speeds [report]

J.V. Ramsdell, S. Houston, H.L. Wegley
1980 unpublished
The uncertainty and bias in estimates of long-term average wind speeds inherent in continuous and intermittent measurement strategies are examined by simulating the application of the strategies to 40 data sets. Continuous strategies have smaller uncertainties for fixed duration measurement programs, but intermittent strategies make more efficient use of instruments and have smaller uncertainties for a fixed amount of instrument use. Continuous strategies tend to give biased estimates of the
more » ... g-term annual mean speed unless an integral number of years' data is collected or the measurement program exceeds 3 years in duration. Intermittent strategies with three or more month-long measurement periods per year do not show any tendency toward bias .
doi:10.2172/6990425 fatcat:dzptrddxpfgwjk4yuhc77voibm