Evaluation of Sediment Distribution in Dams Using the Area-Reduction Empirical Method (Case Study: Cham Gardalan Dam, Ilam)

Hamid Keykhah, Behrooz Dahanzadeh
2017 Journal of Innovative Research in Engineering Sciences   unpublished
Construction of a dam across a river leads to sedimentation and leaving all or part of sediments in the dam reservoir, and it is unavoidable. So, determining the rate and sediment accumulation in reservoirs is very important for exploitation and sustainability. One of the methods to estimate the sediment distribution in dam reservoirs isarea-reduction empirical model. In this model, reservoirs are divided into four categories in terms of geometry and some parameters are provided for each
more » ... ded for each reservoir that are obtained based on a limited number of reservoirs in America and may not be suitable for all dams, so through the effect of parameters, more precise results can be gained. In this study, the distribution of sediment in the reservoir of Cham Gardalan dam located in Ilam province is studied using area-reduction model. To this end, information on area, volume, and initial height of reservoirs and data obtained from the hydrograph of area-reduction method is calibrated for the above dam by changing parameters affecting it and the most appropriate parameter is obtained and sediment distribution is calculated using these parameters.