Online) Nathulalji Vyas Technical Campus

Yatin Belani, Siddharth Patel
2015 unpublished
In order for web services to be able to work well together, they must participate in a set of shared organizing principles known as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).REST is one such architectural solution because many of its elements and constraints are derived from Representational State Transfer (REST). RESTful services are based on REST architecture. The RESTful services are attractive to the end users because of low resource consumption (i.e., battery, processor speed, and memory).
more » ... and memory). Additionally, the RESTful services do not involve complex standards and diverse operations. The number of services published over the internet is growing at an explosive speed. So it is difficult for service requesters to select satisfactory web services. The Quality of service is considered the most important criterion for service selection and filtering. This paper focuses on service selection based on QoS parameter.