Superconformal index with duality domain wall

Dongmin Gang, Eunkyung Koh, Kimyeong Lee
2012 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We study a superconformal index for N=4 super Yang-Mills on S^1 × S^3 with a half BPS duality domain wall inserted at the great two-sphere in S^3. The index is obtained by coupling the 3d generalized superconformal index on the duality domain wall with 4d half-indices. We further consider insertions of line operators to the configuration and propose integral equations which express that the 3d index on duality domain wall is a duality kernel relating half indices of two line operators related
more » ... the duality map. We explicitly check the proposed integral equations for various duality domain walls and line operators in the N=4 SU(2) theory. We also briefly comment on a generalization to N=2 A_1 Gaiotto theories with a simple example, N=2 SU(2) SYM with four flavors.
doi:10.1007/jhep10(2012)187 fatcat:mpjrpesnpnei3f555qzu7qmbqi