Testicular Spermatogenic and Steroidogenic Functionin Uremic Rabbits

Nikolaos Sofikitis, Ikuo Miyagawa
1995 The Japanese Journal of Urology  
We used the rabbit as an experimental model to elaluate the effect of chronic renai failure on testicular fullctioll . Thirtcen adu ] tniale rabbits underwent partial( two − thirds) nephrectumy . After three weeks the contralateral kidney was resected ( group A ) . Another six rabbits undcrwent a two stage sha 【 n − operatic )n ( group B ) . Three months after the secon 〔 l surgical procedure the rabbits in group A showed significantly lower 、 厂 alues in sperm concentration and motility of
more » ... samples , concentration of testosterone ill peripheral serum , and binding capac − ity of androgen − binding protcin in testicular cytosols conipared with anilnals in groul)s B ( Student ' s t − test ;p く ( ) 、 05 ) . In c 〔〕ntrast , the values of serum LH and FSH levels , and serum creatlnine alld urea levels were significantly higher in group A than in group B 、 The curre 囗 t findings shuw a dcficiency in spermatogenic process and epididymal sperm matu − ration in uremic rabbits attributable to defects ill
doi:10.5980/jpnjurol.86.87_1 fatcat:2qvzvawn25batclsojteqpgce4