Body Composition, Fasting Leptin, and Sex Steroid Administration Determine GH Sensitivity in Peripubertal Short Children

R. Coutant
2001 Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism  
Serum IGF-I levels in GH-treated subjects demonstrate a wide range of responsiveness to GH. However, the factors influencing GH sensitivity are not well known. The aim of this work was 1) to test whether body composition (determined by dual energy x-ray absorptiometry) or factors related to body composition (fasting blood glucose, FFA, C-peptide, leptin, and insulin sensitivity determined by an insulin tolerance test) influence GH sensitivity; and 2) to study the effect of sex steroid priming
more » ... x steroid priming on GH sensitivity. We measured serum IGF-I at baseline and 24 h after a single administration of GH (2 mg/m 2 ) in 60 healthy prepubertal and early pubertal children (height, ؊2.1 ؎ 1.0 SD score). GH sensitivity, as estimated by the increase in serum IGF-I after GH administration (difference between stimulated and baseline serum IGF-I ‫؍‬ ␦ IGF-I), was also determined after a short-term administration of oral ethinyl E2 in girls and im T in boys. The serum IGF-I concentration was 297 ؎ 114 g/liter at baseline and increased to 429 ؎ 160 g/liter, corresponding to a 46 ؎ 29% increase over the baseline value (P < 0.0001, stimulated vs. baseline serum IGF-I). ␦ IGF-I was not different between gender or pubertal stage. There were positive correlations (P < 0.001) between ␦ IGF-I and adiposity (total body fat, r ‫؍‬ 0.62; trunk fat, r ‫؍‬ 0.62), fasting leptin (r ‫؍‬ 0.64), and C-peptide (r ‫؍‬ 0.54), and a negative correlation with fasting FFA (r ‫؍‬ ؊0.33; P < 0.05) even after adjustment for age, gender, and pubertal stage. These factors remained significant independent predictors of the absolute as well as the percent increase in serum IGF-I in multiple regression analyses. Priming with T and ethinyl E2 had a similar stimulating effect on the serum GH peak in response to the insulin tolerance test. In boys, serum baseline IGF-I increased by 60%, and ␦ IGF-I was similar after vs. before T administration. By contrast, in girls, serum baseline IGF-I was similar, and ␦ IGF-I was 60% less after vs. before ethinyl E2 administration. This study indicates that 1) GH sensitivity is determined by fat mass, serum fasting leptin, C-peptide, and FFA; and 2) oral ethinyl E2 and im T have divergent effects on the IGF-I response to a single administration of GH. (J Clin Endocrinol Metab 86: 5805-5812, 2001) Abbreviations: BMI, Body mass index; GH-BP, GH-binding protein; GHD, GH deficiency; ␦ IGF-I, difference between stimulated and baseline serum IGF-I; IGFBP, IGF-binding protein; IRMA, immunoradiometric assay; ITT, insulin tolerance test. , Ministère de la Santé). to growth hormone (GH) treatment in GH-deficient adults is dependent on the level of GH-binding protein, body mass index, age, and gender. J Clin Endocrinol Metab 81:1575-1581 4. Bengtsson BA, Abs R, Bennmarker H, Monson JP, Feldt-Rasmussen U, Hernberg-Stahl E, Westberg B, Wilton P, Wuster C 1999 The effects of treatment and the individual responsiveness to growth hormone (GH) replacement therapy in 665 GH-deficient adults. 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doi:10.1210/jc.86.12.5805 pmid:11739442 fatcat:rnjezdhkqbfoffoiayrpar4yem