Developing Concepts in the Rotordynamic Analysis of Aero Gas Turbines

R. A. Bellamy, C. P. Jonson, R. Gaffney
1985 Volume 4: Manufacturing Materials and Metallurgy; Ceramics; Structures and Dynamics; Controls, Diagnostics and Instrumentation; Education; Process Industries   unpublished
Aero engine manufacturers now use large, three dimensional, non-axisymmetric detailed finite element models of complete engines as a regular production design tool to evaluate the static and dynamic structural characteristics of new design. These have replaced the simpler beam type models for which techniques and criteria for evaluating engine dynamics had evolved over many years. The new tools produce an order of magnitude more information that is of better quality, but much more complicated
more » ... more complicated and does not allow easy use of the old criteria for evaluation. Hence new ideas are developing and new criteria are required to answer the original question, "is this engine satisfactory from the dynamics point of view?". This paper identifies some of the problems raised by the capability to do a 3D analysis as a standard procedure, and discusses possible solutions.
doi:10.1115/85-gt-230 fatcat:zg77ddjdy5h6lmpdii6c37abzy