Clara Isabel Mitchell
1902 The Elementary School Teacher and Course of Study  
Appearance in quiet, in storm. (2) Arctic sea, floe ice, pack ice, icebergs. (3) Oceanic islands, volcanic and coral islands. Sea bottom with corals. (4) Types of vessels. II. PANORAMIC VIEWS. (I) River basins, plateaux, cordilleras, interior basins, cross-sections. (2) Bird's-eye views of the Mississippi basin, the Great Basin, Abyssinian plateau, Nile basin, plateau of Thibet. (3) Of North America from north to south, east to west. III. MAPS. (I) Function of chalk-modeled map compared with
more » ... ap compared with other maps. (2) Difference between map and picture. (3) Relief maps in sand. (4) Steps in making a chalk-modeled map ; question of light and shade ; unity of surface ; gradation of color as to elevation ; contrast of color ; elimination of details ; fallacy of making a flat surface with highlands superimposed. (5) Map representation of main features of a continent, as river basins, plateaux, mountain chains, hills. (6) Maps of the continents on the board and on paper. (7) Special maps: Egypt,
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