2018 Issues in Information Systems  
Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things (abbreviated as IoT) -by now the future of many industries is barely imaginable without it. IoT frameworks, technologies, cloud solutions, generic platforms and development tools are proliferating at a high rate. Even though experts recognize the need for coherent standards, the world of IoT resembles a jungle, with a myriad of different, non-standardized components. In this paper, we attempt to bring some clarity to the jungle by examining the
more » ... isting challenges, summarizing the IoT frameworks, technologies and tools that are being developed for the popular Java software platform, and proposing a novel, integrated reference architecture for explaining how different IoT components can be organized by architecture layers and how they can work together. The reference architecture and related IoT components summaries can help software engineers and other IoT practitioners understand the building blocks for the design, development, implementation, operations and life-cycle management of end-to-end IoT solutions. They can also serve as organizing aids for researchers interested in IoT standards, methodologies, tools, and architectures or for educators interested in teaching these IoT concepts in the classroom.
doi:10.48009/4_iis_2018_26-34 fatcat:pgkuxin7rzdzzkcswdovsqm77y