1913 Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)  
Shoemaker8 reported a case of persistent hyaloid arlen in both eyes. Ruewandl4 observed in a man aged 3] not only the stem of the hyaloid artery, but also its distribution on the posterior capsule of the lens in form of a network of line whitish threads, and the remnants of two blood-vessels of the vitreous branching off from a swelling of Ihe stem of the artery, one upward and outward, tbe other downward and inward. There may be other abnormalities present, as in the interesting case reported
more » ... y Gärtner.5 The patient was a girl aged 1»^who had a bridge-coloboma of tbe iris and chorioid, accompanied by amblyopia, nystagmus, slrabisinus. deformity of Ihe cornea with microeornea and microphthalnios. The various anomalies are classified by Norris and Oliver0 as follows: 1. The whole artery, with a cellular sheath around the posterior pan of il. may remain as in the fetal eye, d continue to carry blood. 2. The artery muy persist as a band through its whole length, bin dues not carry blood. :i. There muy be a remnant of the artery attached to the optic disk which ends in a free extremity in the vitreous, and in which there is also an opa, Hi al, the back of ihe lens. The remnant attached to the disk is
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