Pediatric hearing loss – causes and management

G. Iliev, P. Ivanova, M. Milkov
2019 International Bulletin of Otorhinolaryngology  
Around 34 million children have disabling hearing loss. The causes leading to impairment in the hearing analyzer are classified as congenital and acquired. Purposes: Early diagnosis and hearing rehabilitation are essential for the child's development. The purpose of this article is to assist the approach of detection and management of this condition, therefore to highlight the syndromes and diseases that lead to disturbance in hearing, making them more recognizable. Methods: The information in
more » ... The information in this article is based on our clinical experience with children with hearing disorders as well as on the literature review. Results: Children in whom diagnosis and rehabilitation were performed timely show better development and more effective results than those where the delay has led to disabilities in linguistic and social abilities. Conclusions: The London Dysmorphology Database has listed 396 syndromes that include hearing disorders, with 30% of congenital deafness being part of syndrome complex. Screening programs in newborns allow early diagnosis and rapid intervention. Some of the causes that lead to hearing loss are treatable, while others are overcome by hearing aids.
doi:10.14748/orl.v15i2.6706 fatcat:72ncmgtwq5h43hq5sq3rerygfa