Communication in Dogs

Marcello Siniscalchi, Serenella d'Ingeo, Michele Minunno, Angelo Quaranta
2018 Animals  
Dogs have a vast and flexible repertoire of visual, acoustic, and olfactory signals that allow an expressive and fine tuned conspecific and dog–human communication. Dogs use this behavioural repertoire when communicating with humans, employing the same signals used during conspecific interactions, some of which can acquire and carry a different meaning when directed toward humans. The aim of this review is to provide an overview of the latest progress made in the study of dog communication,
more » ... communication, describing the different nature of the signals used in conspecific (dog–dog) and heterospecific (dog–human) interactions and their communicative meaning. Finally, behavioural asymmetries that reflect lateralized neural patterns involved in both dog–dog and dog–human social communication are discussed.
doi:10.3390/ani8080131 pmid:30065156 fatcat:xsz2vsarrzelbcw57mkwwmifzq