TOXsIgN-A public repository for toxicological signatures at the IRSET A project-centric organization (Fig. 1)

T Darde, P Gaudriault, R Beranger, N Costet, N Bonvallot, O Sallou, O Collin, B Jégou, C Chevrier, E Becker, S Mazaud-Guittot, A Rolland (+1 others)
Objectives While generalist repositories allow investigators to submit their raw data (1-2), other specialized databases have paved the way for improving toxicological data storage, exchange and analysis (3-6). Here we present TOXsIgN a new multi-species public repository for TOXicological sIgNatures. This database provides a flexible and open environment that facilitates online submission, and retrieval of toxicological signatures deposited by the toxicology community. One of the unique
more » ... f the unique features of TOXsIgN relies on its ability to archive heterogeneous data from: multiple species; observational and interventional studies; in vivo, ex vivo or in vitro experiments; physiological, molecular or "omic" studies; transgenerational studies; mixtures studies.