A Comparative Study of the Effect of Different Converter Topologies on the Iron Loss of Nonoriented Electrical Steel

Aboubakr Salem, Ahmed Abou-Elyazied Abdallh, Frederik De Belie, Luc Dupre, Jan Melkebeek
2014 IEEE transactions on magnetics  
In this paper, a comparative study of the effect of different converter topologies on the iron loss of nonoriented electrical steel is presented. Three converter topologies are considered in this investigation; namely: two-level, three-level, and five-level power converters. Moreover, the effect of the carrier frequency on both the iron loss and converter loss is introduced. The experimental results show a dramatic increase of the iron loss for the two-level converter, especially for low levels
more » ... ally for low levels of the carrier frequency. Furthermore, the increase of the iron loss is negligible for the multilevel converter topologies. Specifically, the use of the five-level converter, even at a low value of the carrier frequency, results in lower iron losses than the three-level converter at a relatively higher carrier frequency. Index Terms-Iron loss, magnetic material, multilevel converters, pulse width modulation.
doi:10.1109/tmag.2014.2320764 fatcat:7duaop5mk5bvhkm3kfwdsbeg4i