Building Multi-Platform User Interfaces with UIML [chapter]

Mir Farooq Ali, Manuel A. Pérez-quiñones, Marc Abrams
2005 Multiple User Interfaces  
There has been a widespread emergence of computing devices in the past few years that go beyond the capabilities of traditional desktop computers. However, users want to use the same kinds of applications and access the same data and information on these appliances that they can access on their desktop computers. The user interfaces for these platforms go beyond the traditional interaction metaphors. It is a challenge to build User Interfaces (UIs) for these devices of differing capabilities
more » ... t allow the end users to perform the same kinds of tasks. The User Interface Markup Language (UIML) is an XMLbased language that allows the canonical description of UIs for different platforms. We describe the key aspects of our approach that makes UIML successful in building multi-platform UIs, namely the division in the representation of a UI, the use of a generic vocabulary, a process of transformations and an integrated development environment specifically designed for transformation-based UI development. Finally we describe the initial details of a multi-step usability engineering process for building multiplatform UI using UIML.
doi:10.1002/0470091703.ch6 fatcat:esxks5h7i5exxoc3cl5chta33q