The Evolution of land use Pattern in Doujiaowan Village

Lijun Wang
IJIRSE) International Journal of Innovative Research in Science & Engineering   unpublished
Continual changes in technology, incomes, and social innovations have led to dramatic evolution in land use patterns from the PRC foundation in 1949. This paper focus on the evolution of land use Doujiaowan village, investigates its characteristics, law and so on. The history of over 60 years divides into three distinct periods. The period from 1949 to 1979 was characterized by collectivism, equalitarianism, homogeneity in land use, remaining subsistence level for villagers. The era from 1981
more » ... 2000 or so the Doujiaowan villagers enjoyed materialism, individualism in land use, pursuing more and more wealth, widening social communication and trade linkages. After 2000, most villagers have been enjoying benefit from land transfer. Efficiency of land allocation have improved than previous years.