Recent Progress of Naphthalimide-Based Dendrimers

Long Li, Cha Ma, Jinsheng Sun, Feng Zhao, Zhenglian Pang, Yilong Li
2012 Youji huaxue  
Due to their special luminescent properties and electrical properties, especially their good photoinduced electron transfer properties, naphthalimide-based dendrimers have been attracting considerable attention. Recently, lots of novel naphthalimide-based dendrimers have been synthesized, and they have extensive applications in many fields. In this paper, the recent progress of naphthalimide-based dendrimers is reviewed, and the synthesis and application of some compounds are discussed. These
more » ... discussed. These dendrimers have significant values of application in different fields, such as chemsensors, light harvesting antenna materials, organic electroluminescent devices, drug delivery, environmental pollution detection, and so on. Finally, the future development and application of them are also prospected.
doi:10.6023/cjoc115081 fatcat:y4kqvuq2wfgobpjd3e4iydvgaa