Development of a Framework Regarding the Factors Affecting Academics in Higher Education's Turnover Intentions

Sujit Kumar Basak
2014 Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences  
This paper presents a framework regarding the factors affecting university academic turnover intentions in higher education, derived from an in-depth survey of the related literature. The aim of this study was achieved by identifying factors that affect university academic turnover intentions. The main result of this study is the design a framework, derived from existing literature, of factors affecting university academics' turnover intentions. The findings help to articulate issues related to
more » ... university acadmeics' turnover intentions and in this way contribute to the development of the programs that designed to address the relevant issues. Google, Google Scholar and the University library electronic databases were searched utilizing the search terms such as: "factors affecting university academics turnover intentions,"; "turnover intentions by university academics," Application of Study Selection Criteria Before studies entered into systematic review, they were subjected to the two filters such as first filter and the second filter. The first filter -comprissed a set of inclusion and exclusion criteria so that only relevant and able to address review question is taken through to the second filter (Wallace et al., 2005) . Design of the Studies Studies included empirical evidence from the experimental or observational research which include qualitative research. The study also includes unpublished or published work (Wallace et al., 2005) . In this article, only selected those are directly associated with factors affecting university academics turnover intentions. The Quality Appraisal Criteria Studies included met all the five necessity elements of the quality appraisal criteria (Wallace et al., 2005 , source: Croucher et al., 2003 for validity and trustworthy findings. Articles were selected which were strongly considerable, acceptable, reliable and the empirically valid. Furthermore, studies considered to each study had the good research questions and theory, model or theoretical framework. Results The results of this study are displayed in Figure 1 . The main objective of the study was to examine the factors affecting university acadmeics turnover intentions. This study has revealed all the major factors that affect university academics turnover intentions. According to Vroom (1964), the expectancy theory includes structural, psychological, and environmental variables. However, regardless of what theory is applied issues such as the personal factors, remuneration, time, leadership style, workload, organizational factors, and others (worklife, policies, seeking a new challenge, lack of a sense of community at the institution, age, standard of living, etc.) to be factors that affect university academics turnover intentions. This study however, recommends that university academics should endeavour to know what factors that affects them to turnover. Furthermore, this study will also help university acadmics to know which factors are likely to affect their turnover intentions.
doi:10.5901/mjss.2014.v5n23p421 fatcat:tfsb524ggffc3f7uotadxzuiwa