Adapting Map-Reduce Programming Model With Container Based Virtualization For Self-Organizing Networks

Premnath KN, Srinivasan R, Elijah Blessing Rajsingh
2015 International Journal of Applied Engineering Research  
This paper presents and puts forward an execution technique that could potentially address the need of Centralized Self-Organizing Networks (SON) use cases, considering the high data load and quick processing need for network wide data. Key challenges faced in Centralized SON use cases are to do with processing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of the network quickly and also to cater the need for evolving network topology. KPIs are generally derived from network events, performance counters
more » ... ormance counters that are periodically collected from the multi-technology, multi-vendor and multi-layer Heterogeneous Network. The needs of the SON use cases are addressed by applying well-known Map-Reduce [1] programming model with newly emerging container based virtualization [2, 3] techniques. To demonstrate the validity of proposed execution technique, performances of generic algorithms used by SON use-cases are evaluated. Evaluation results illustrate that these execution techniques can achieve significantly higher performance with commodity hardware. Premnath KN 1 Networks (SDN) [8] the network topology and flow control of the traffic is becoming more dynamic than the traditional statically configured networks. Centralized SON solution typically follows the cycle of "Collecting data" (both network Configuration and KPIs), "Processing data" (based on measurements and performance counters, KPIs) and performs network changes based on the algorithms of SON use cases [9] . Additionally SON use cases are addressed as part of "Self Configuration", "Self Optimization" and "Self-Healing" functionalities [6] which indicates the applicability of SON use cases across all the phases of Network evolution (Network Planning, Design, maintenance and Optimization). All SON use cases [7, 9] can be realized as Centralized SON solution in Network Management System (NMS) level. Further in the paper SON functionalities refers to "Self-Configuration", "Self-Optimization" and "Self-Healing". SON use cases refer to the following mind map derived from 3GPP and NGMN standards [5, 7] .
doi:10.37622/ijaer/10.11.2015.29539-29554 fatcat:dhrgxehmarhnrof7x6y2tya3ea