A Study on the Reverberation Time Characteristics of Inside Space of Apartment Buildings
공동주택 내부 공간의 잔향시간 특성 조사 연구

Jeong Ho Jeong, Byung Kwon Lee, Jin Yong Jeon
2015 Transactions of the Korean Society for Noise and Vibration Engineering  
In this study, the reverberation time of apartment living room was measured and distribution of the reverberation time was analyzed. In addition, sound field characteristics of mock-up test room similar with living room and timber structured bedroom was investigated with addition of furniture and sound absorption material. Average reverberation time of unfurnished apartment unit was 1.11 s, and reverberation time in 630 Hz~2000 Hz bands were longer than 1.2 s. It was found that from the field
more » ... asurement results, reverberation time characteristic of furnished apartment living room was uniform in most of frequency bands. Averaged reverberation time of furnished living room was 0.48 s and the reverberation time of bedroom was 0.44 s. Standardized sound pressure level correction values were calculated from the average reverberation time of furnished and unfurnished apartment units. The correction value of unfurnished living room was -3.4 dB and that of furnished living room was 0.2 dB. Measured reverberation time of furnished and unfurnished apartment units indicated that reference reverberation time; 0.5 s, in KS and ISO standards is reasonable also in Korean residential environment.
doi:10.5050/ksnve.2015.25.4.291 fatcat:kr4k3qlnsbbp7j262pcvm7gyia