Education as an Integration Process in Critical Thought

Özgür Sarı, Güncel Önkal
2007 Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences  
Education is not the fact that can be analyzed through looking insight of the process itself. Education is the fact that must be studied on the basis of contemporary needs and fast transformations of society and self satisfaction of individual, in related to the other facts such as knowledge, power, legitimacy, aesthetics, values, and technology usage. Philosophical, anthropological, and sociological arguments and critics will be useful to analyze education correctly in related to the other
more » ... ed to the other facts. In this study, anthropological and sociological functions of education, and arguments of critical philosophy about education are taken as the base. The relations of education to the other facts like power, hegemony, social tendencies, and arts, and the functions of education between social and individual are argued. The aim of the study is to emphasize and underlie that autonomous individual can improve within the education model which is based on contemporary values and useful for development of modern society, instead of contradiction of social values and individual needs. The other contribution of the study is to explain how to improve efficient education policies in order to achieve an educational model that can satisfy necessary improvement and existentialist needs of individual. Thus, education is considered within the framework of the critical approaches of thinkers like Lyotard, Foucault, Adorno, Althusser, Nietzsche, Kant
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