Державна інформаційна політика в Україні в сфері охорони здоров'я

Наталія Орлова, Зоряна Бурик
2021 Expert Paradigm of Law and Public Administration  
Орлова Наталія Сергіївна, доктор наук з державного управління, професор кафедри державного управління, публічного адміністрування та регіональної економіки, Харківський національний економічний університет імені Семена Кузнеця, Бурик Зоряна Михайлівна, доктор наук з державного управління, доцент професор кафедри управління та бізнес-адміністрування, Прикарпатський національний університет імені Василя Стефаника, 79034, м. Львів, вул. Угорська 12/108, Abstract. In the context of a global
more » ... of a global pandemic, the informatization of society is one of the main directions of Ukraine's new economic policy. The strategy of reforming the health care system in Ukraine envisages improving the conditions for the functioning of domestic information systems, which will ensure transparency, accessibility of medical services and increase the efficiency of mechanisms for implementing the state information policy. Research by domestic scientists can solve urgent problems of practical medicine within the existing medical infrastructure and limited funding. The purpose of the study is to determine the effective directions of implementation of the state information policy in the field of health care for the development of digitalization of this industry in Ukraine. The article proves that guaranteeing information security and protection of subjects of information relations is an important focus of improving modern national information policy. A model of implementation of the government information policy of Ukraine in the field of health care is proposed. The online dashboards of the National Health Service, created to ensure the availability and transparency of data, analysis of the dynamics of health care reform, are analyzed. It is proved that the already formed information space of health care of Ukraine needs improvement and development through intensive use of information technologies, rational storage and analysis of medical data. The main directions of informatization of the health care system are identified. The implementation of these areas will increase the availability and quality of medical services for citizens, strengthen the capacity in the field of planning, implementation and monitoring of health programs, taking into account their epidemiological significance.
doi:10.32689/2617-9660-2021-2(14)-233-242 fatcat:v52v3epqsbambp4ryds2xbi2gm