Green Chemistry Approach to the Synthesis of Biscoumarins from 4-Hydroxycoumarin

Mirjana Lončar, Marija Kovač, Maja Molnar
2020 Croatica Chemica Acta  
Numerous biological and pharmacological properties of coumarins have designated them as significant synthetic target in many fields. Biscoumarins are considered as an important class of coumarin derivatives that show remarkable pharmacological properties. Therefore, development of the efficient new methods for their synthesis, based on green methodology, would be of a great importance in medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry. In this work, the ultrasound and microwave assisted synthesis of
more » ... oumarins, starting from corresponding aldehydes and 4-hydroxycoumarin is reported. Molecular iodine was used as an efficient and inexpensive catalyst for a simple synthesis, to obtain excellent yields using ethanol as a solvent. It was found that 10 % (n / n) of molecular iodine catalyzes biscoumarin synthesis in high yields (80-94 %) and in short reaction times, using both ultrasound, as well as microwave promoted conditions. Furthermore, when those two methods are compared, ultrasound promoted reactions were proven to be more suitable for this kind of reaction.
doi:10.5562/cca3643 fatcat:eisfxavvhfhtxhzkcarvkkssuu