J0530302 Power Generation Characteristics of Solar Panel Installed on Buildings and Combined Power Generation with Wind Power Plant Utilizing Wind Blowing through Buildings
J0530302 ビル設置太陽光パネルの発電特性とビル風利用風力発電との複合発電

Akira NISHIMURA, Satoshi KITAGAWA, Masanobu KAKITA, Masafumi HIROTA
2015 The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress Japan  
Engineering , ( [ } raduate School of Enginee 血 g 1577Ku 血 lamachiya − cho , Tsu, 514 − 8507, Japan The aim ofthis study is to design and propose tlle building model integrated with solar panel and wind turbine fbr the purpose of realizing the smart city . The number and angle of tilt of solar panel installed on the roof of the building are investigated considering the effect of shadow fbr some cities in Japan. The power generation characteristics of solar panel installed on not only the roof
more » ... t also the wall of the building are also investigated assuming the building model to be installed in Tsu city . In addition , the power generation per 正 bmlances of the photovoltaic as well as the combined
doi:10.1299/jsmemecj.2015._j0530302- fatcat:wgv3gfhb2vezznxgwvtg5qwrky