Detergency Stability and Particle Characterization of Phosphate-Free Spray Dried Detergent Powders Incorporated with Palm C16 Methyl Ester Sulfonate (C16MES)

Parthiban Siwayanan, Ramlan Aziz, Nooh Abu Bakar, Hamdan Ya, Ropien Jokiman, Shreeshivadasan Chelliapan
2014 Journal of Oleo Science  
surfactant that draws enormous commercial interest among the detergent manufacturers in recent years is methyl ester sulfonate MES 3 5 . MES, an oleo-based anionic surfactant, is produced via sulfonation process of methyl esters that derived from natural oil such as palm oil, coconut oil and soybean oil. The research history, chemistry, properties, performance, process economics, technology and application of MES were well documented in the literature 6 21 . Abstract: Phosphate-free spray dried
more » ... detergent powders (SDDP) comprising binary anionic surfactants of palm C16 methyl ester sulfonate (C16MES) and linear alkyl benzene sulfonic acid (LABSA) were produced using a 5 kg/h-capacity co-current pilot spray dryer (CSD). Six phosphate-free detergent (PFD) formulations comprising C16MES/LABSA in various ratios under pH 7 -8 were studied. Three PFD formulations having C16MES/LABSA in respective ratios of 0:100 (control), 20:80 and 40:60 ratios were selected for further evaluation based on their optimum detergent slurry concentrations. The resulting SDDP from these formulations were analysed for its detergency stability (over nine months of storage period) and particle characteristics. C16MES/LABSA of 40:60 ratio was selected as the ideal PFD formulation since its resulting SDDP has consistent detergency stability (variation of 2.3% in detergency/active over nine months storage period), excellent bulk density (0.37 kg/L), fine particle size at 50% cumulative volume percentage (D 50 of 60.48 μm), high coefficient of particle size uniformity (D 60 /D 10 of 3.86) and large spread of equivalent particle diameters. In terms of surface morphology, the SDDP of the ideal formulation were found to have regular hollow particles with smooth spherical surfaces. Although SDDP of the ideal formulation have excellent characteristics, but in terms of flowability, these powders were classified as slightly less free flowing (Hausner ratio of 1.27 and Carr's index of 21.3).
doi:10.5650/jos.ess13200 pmid:24829132 fatcat:6tu7o3twe5eoxar2g4ts4x6sqy