Simulation and Analysis the Performance of PHFs under Sinusoidal and Harmonic Distorted Main AC Source Using Single Common Passive Filter

Morteza Nasiraghdam, Hossein Nasiraghdam, M Mohammadi
2014 unpublished
Harmonic filtering is the most important method of preventing the harmonics from entering the distribution system and mitigating their adverse effects on electrical equipment. Use of passive harmonic filters (PHF) is currently the method of choice, though much has been written on harmonic current control using advanced techniques such as magnetic flux compensation, harmonic current injection and dc ripple injection. Passive filters are inductance, capacitance, and resistance elements configured
more » ... elements configured and tuned to control harmonics and can be classified into tuned filters and high-pass filters. Installation of such a passive filter in the vicinity of a non-linear load is to provide low-impedance paths for specific harmonic frequencies, thus resulting in absorbing the dominant harmonic currents flowing out of the load. In this research the performance of a single common passive filter (CPF) at the bus is investigated and the most effective method which could lead to improve voltage distortion and to decrease power losses is presented.