Bound State Solutions of the Klein-Gordon Equation with Manning-Rosen Plus Yukawa Potential Using Pekeris-Like Approximation of the Coulomb Term and Parametric Nikiforov-Uvarov

B Ita, H Louis, P Amos, T Magu, N Nzeata-Ibe
2017 Physical Science International Journal  
The solutions of the klein-gordon equation with Manning-Rosen plus Yukawa potential (MRYP) has been presented using the Pekeris-like approximation of the coulomb term and parametric Nikiforov-Uvarov (NU) method. The bound state energy eigenvalues and the corresponding un-normalized eigen functions were obtained in terms of Jacobi polynomials. So also, Yukawa, Manning-Rosen Original Research Article and coulomb potentials have been recovered from the mixed potentials and their eigen values obtained.
doi:10.9734/psij/2017/34330 fatcat:qnbdi4iv6fhdncc7pwhiuod6ba