Montreal Communication Evaluation Brief Battery – MEC B: reliability and validity

Fabíola Schwengber Casarin, Karina Carlesso Pagliarin, Raira Fernanda Altmann, Maria Alice de Mattos Pimenta Parente, Perrine Ferré, Hélène Côté, Bernardette Ska, Yves Joanette, Rochele Paz Fonseca
2020 CoDAS  
Purpose Search for reliability and validity evidence for the Montreal Communication Evaluation Brief Battery (MEC B) for adults with right brain damage. Methods Three hundred twenty-four healthy adults and 26 adults with right brain damage, aged 19-75 years, with two or more years of education were evaluated with MEC B. The MEC B Battery contains nine tasks that aim to evaluate communicative abilities as discourse, prosody, lexical-semantic and pragmatic process. Two sources of reliability
more » ... of reliability evidence were used: internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha) and interrater reliability. Construct validity was evaluated comparing the Montreal Communication Evaluation Battery (MEC), expanded version and MEC B tasks. Results Internal consistence was satisfactory and the interrater reliability was considered excellent, as were correlations between MEC Battery and MEC B Battery tasks. Conclusion The MEC B Battery showed satisfactory reliability and validity evidences. It can be used as outcome measure of intervention programs and assist speech therapists to plan rehabilitation programs.
doi:10.1590/2317-1782/20192018306 fatcat:mzl6mam67zfxlcwd5ntrbclsju