Some biological properties of ethanol extract prepared from the aerial parts of Scutellaria albida subsp candensest

Enver Fehim KOÇPINAR, Murat KÜRŞAT, Ahmet SAVCI, Yusuf ALAN
2020 Bitlis Eren University Journal of Science and Technology  
A B S T R A C T Moderate effects of some plants with proven biological properties in the treatment of various diseases have increased the importance of them and the interest in alternative medicine. The members of the Lamiaceae family are one of the widely used in alternative medicine and agriculture due to their metabolite content. In order to gain valuable biological data for alternative medicine and new studies, Scutellaria albida subsp. condensata is a member of the Lamiaceae family and
more » ... ceae family and this plant was collected from a height of 1500 meters in Bitlis province in Turkey. Ethanol (EtOH) extract was prepared by using the aerial parts of the plant and used in all stages of the study. Firstly, the phenolic content of the extract was determined by HPLC. Myricetin and 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid at the highest concentrations were detected, but ascorbic acid, gallic acid, quercetin, and 3,4-Dihydroxybenzoic acid could not be determined in the extract. In order to test the antioxidant properties based on phenolic content, several in vitro antioxidant tests were performed and DNA protective properties were investigated. In the biological activity results, the extract was determined to have a similar antioxidant effect to standards or lower than them and exhibited relatively DNA protective activity at high concentration. Finally, the effects of the extract on some types of bacteria and fungi were investigated by the hollow agar method and 150 µL volume of the extract was shown to have better activity than ampicillin and Amikacin. Due to the limited studies on Scutellaria albida subsp. condensata, it is thought that this study will contribute to the literature.
doi:10.17678/beuscitech.805013 fatcat:tlfukrgtbncipgh3qlqfh2h3t4