Development of Economical Monitoring System for Vehicle Security

A Patil, P Jain, Prasad Kulkarni
2015 unpublished
In this paperwe are describing about a system developed for the communication betweenvehicle-to-Vehicle to avoid Vehicle crash and anddestroy of property.In this communication system, we had implemented two different communications to avoid car accident by observing data of other parallel vehicle and self-vehicle. For this we have used Controller Area Network (CAN) which is a computer network protocol and bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other
more » ... ate with each other without a host computer. From a network-based systems the controller area network (CAN) to evaluate the feasibility of using such in a .modern cars for a cooperative driving and RF communication. The CAN module and multiple sensors have added in system for the passengers and vehicle safety. The cooperative and safe driving can be achieved by drivers by analysing another close vehicle and self-vehicle data on their Dashboard. Multiple sensors have been added to make the system more reliable, useful and advance.