A framework for OWL DL based Ontology Construction from Relational Database using Mapping and Semantic Rules

C. Ramathilagam, M. L. Valarmathi
2013 International Journal of Computer Applications  
World Wide Web (WWW) is capable of retrieving the results only through location finding of search terms, where as Semantic web retrieves by analysing the keywords because of the machine accessible nature of semantic data. One such Semantic data format is Ontology. Ontologies are the web documents generated by Web Ontology Language to provide more precise web content, thus by improving the performance of information retrieval. Semantic web requires data either in terms of manual creation or
more » ... gh conversion from existing data. Ontologies lack semantically rich data because the manual construction of these documents are time consuming and also the domain experts need to understand the syntax and semantics of Ontology development languages. One alternate to compensate for the rich set of data is to take the contents of Relational Data Base (RDB) for domain related applications in the Semantic Web. This is possible by mapping the RDB constructs into Ontology constructs. This paper proposes an RDB to Ontology mapping system framework which can generate an Ontology based on the proposed Mapping Rules for a Banking domain. The Mapping rules are generated both for, 1) direct mapping 2) integrity constraints mapping. Direct mapping is, RDB components like table, attribute, data are mapped to the corresponding Ontology components. Integrity constraints mapping covers primary key, foreign key and column constraints mapped to the relevant Ontology components. This is the direct translation of RDB structure. This paper also proposes additional Semantic Rules for the generated Ontology to provide richer semantics. This in turn provides more expressiveness in Ontology representation and also efficient reasoning power. Keywords Semantic web, schema, mapping, Ontology, RDF, RDFS, OWL, DL RDB to Ontology mapping process or the classification of RDB to Ontology mapping can be done in any one of the following ways. In all the cases vice versa ie., Ontology to RDB mapping is also possible.
doi:10.5120/13341-0776 fatcat:bv6xtulgjfdufgzeg5xt4xkyz4