Integration of the description logics with operations at role constructors into relational data model
Интеграция дескриптивных логик с операциями над ролями с реляционной моделью данных

I.S. Chystiakova, Institute of Software Systems NAS of Ukraine
The paper is a logical continuation of the previously published work, which was dedicated to the creation of mappings from the description logic into binary relational data model. Based on the previously created binary relational data structure we perform mappings of the ALC extension into relational data model (RDM). The results of previous research namely data structure RM2, mappings of the basic ALC concepts and its classical extensions into RDM were used in this paper.
doi:10.15407/pp2016.04.058 fatcat:gxlfczcsnjhglcbqocobbqj64a