Alen John Thomas
2019 International Journal of Networks and Systems  
In today's busy world people may not always be in a position to keep them self updated of their medicine timings. The course of the medicine is often forgotten by patients, which affect their sickness and may even lead to conditions such as paralyzation, coma, or even death. A new device named SMART MEDIKIT will help in solving this current issue. This device is an efficient system that replaces the current problem of paralyzed people who are on daily medication. The proposed system helps the
more » ... ed people to take their medicines on time without the help of another person. It is a box type small system equipped with Internet of Things (IoT) and consists of seven chambers one for each day in a week. Medicines are kept in these chambers and there is a facility to set the time in which the person has to take the medicine. According to the time that is set on the device there will be a buzzer to alert about the medicine. After the buzzer, the chamber will automatically open and the patient can take their medicine. Once the chamber closes an intimation message will be sent to the close relative and family doctor via any social medium. Also an emergency button is present on top of the box to inform the doctor and close relatives about patient and if any.
doi:10.30534/ijns/2019/19832019 fatcat:umr4zrjjzbegvao4zxvmxzmsdm