Effect of Annealing and Irradiation on the Optical Properties of Oxide Crystals

S.M. Kaczmarek, M. Berkowski, Z. Moroz, S. Warchoł
1999 Acta Physica Polonica. A  
We described results of the effect of annealing and irradiation treatments on the optical properties ofY 3 A l 5 O 1 2 Ga5 O 13 , LaGaO3, ZnSe , and LiF single crystals. Changes in absorption and luminescence are presented. Recharging processes of uncontrolled impurities (e.g. Fe3+, Fe2 +, an Y3Al5O12 d Mn2 +), and active ions (e.g. Nd 3 +, Dy3 +, CO+ Cr3+, and Ce3 + ), a.s well as types of color centers produced in the crystals after a particular irradiation or annealing treatment are presented.
more » ... atment are presented.
doi:10.12693/aphyspola.96.417 fatcat:idt2bkdwovalja35odjy47tjau