Configuration interaction in charge exchange spectra of tin and xenon

R D'Arcy, O Morris, H Ohashi, S Suda, H Tanuma, S Fujioka, H Nishimura, K Nishihara, C Suzuki, T Kato, F Koike, G O'Sullivan
2011 Physica Scripta  
Charge state specific extreme ultraviolet spectra from both tin ions and xenon ions have been recorded at Tokyo Metropolitan University. The Electron Cyclotron Resonance Source spectra were produced from charge exchange collisions between the ions and rare gas target atoms. In order to identify unknown spectral lines of tin and xenon, atomic structure calculations were performed for Sn 14+ -Sn 17+ and for Xe 16+ -Xe 20+ using the Hartree-Fock with Configuration Interaction code of Cowan. The
more » ... rgies of the capture states involved in the single electron process that occurs in these slow collisions are estimated using the classical over barrier model.
doi:10.1088/0031-8949/2011/t144/014026 fatcat:jxn7dzbgdrfhfjhrhlmsb5f4sa