A Multi-Particle Physics-Based Model of a Lithium-Ion Battery for Fast-Charging Control Application

Xiaoyu Li, Wen Hua, Jindong Tian, Yong Tian
2021 World Electric Vehicle Journal  
The charging safety of electric vehicles is an area of focus in the electric automobile industry. For the purpose of ensuring safety, charging electric vehicles as soon as possible is a goal pursued by the public. In order to ensure the safety of electric vehicles during fast charging and to reduce the cycle life decay of the battery, a simplified multi-particle lithium-ion battery model is proposed, based on the pseudo two-dimensional (P2D) model. The model was developed by considering
more » ... neous electrochemical reactions in the negative electrode area. The Butler–Volmer (BV) kinetic equation and the distribution of the pore wall flux in the negative electrode is approximated by the quasi-linear approximation method. Furthermore, this paper also analyzes the conditions of lithium precipitation from the negative electrode of a lithium-ion battery in the case of high charging rates, which has a certain reference significance for fast-charging control applications. The experimental and simulation results show that the model has a high simulation accuracy and can reflect the heterogeneity of electrochemical reactions in the negative electrode of the battery. The model can be adapted to fast-charging control applications.
doi:10.3390/wevj12040196 fatcat:aygszmozabf5fmqtmkus6q32i4