Effect of V2O5Dopant on the Electrical Conductivity of RuO2Thick Film Resistors

M. S. Setty, R. F. Shinde
1986 Active and Passive Electronic Components  
Thick film glaze resistors have been prepared using V2O5doped RuO2conducting phase. Different amounts of V2O5were incorporated into RuO2lattice by solid state reaction. Sheet resistivity decreased from 235 to 10 kΩ/Sq, with the increase in the dopant concentration from 2 to 6% wt. The conductivity, 'σ', was found to fit in the equation σ= KS(l-S), where S is the probability that a given cationic site will contain an extra charge carrier and K = 10-3mho-sq.
doi:10.1155/1986/34249 fatcat:eoykkeosx5dwfli7lmu4df3cka